My Name is Mallory Arbour.

I’m a highly organised, self-motivated writer with ten years of media experience, specialising in digital content with a keen interest in pop culture entertainment. I have a diploma in Professional Writing and Editing and am currently completing a Bachelor of Communication (Journalism).

I have interviewed some of the biggest local and international stars including television stars, award-winning musicians, theatre performers, comedians, bloggers and entertainers. Last year, I was personally chosen as one of four journalists to interview legendary US music producer Shelby J.

I have attended various media calls, events, red carpets, concerts and festivals, and pop culture conventions as a media representative. My photography and videography has been shared by Jon Stevens, Billy Ray Cyrus, Anthony Warlow and more, as well as being featured on Channel 7’s The Morning Show.

I predominately publish on the AU Review, but have written for AU Arts and AU Abroad. Previously, I have designed for numerous Victorian print publications including The Herald Sun, Geelong Advertiser, Sunraysia Daily, The MX and more.


“Mallory is an enthusiastic music and entertainment writer, always willing to lend an ear and explore a new artist or proposition. She is a pleasure to work with, passionate and original, and we place great value on our relationship with Mallory as a writer/reviewer.” —  Nicole Hart, Revolutions Per Minute

“You’ve been a lot of fun to talk to! I can tell you – there’s a lot of boring interviews out there and you’re definitely not one of them!” — Adam Brand, musician

“Mallory’s joie de vivre melts the façade of the bullshit artiste.” — Damian Cowell, comedian

“In my dealings with Mallory I have found her to be a person of integrity who is willing to go the extra mile to get a job done.” — Rob Heyes, musician

“Mallory is bloody delightful. She’s passionate about music and it really shows through her thoughtful and endearing interview style. A very creative writer, Mallory is bound for fab things.” — Thom Lion, musician

“So lovely and a little bit cheeky. My latest interview with her felt like I was chatting with an old friend.” — Lachlan Martin, actor

Mallory really changed the overall look and feel of WORDLY Magazine. Some of the editions we are most proud of were designed by her. There is no doubt that she has played an integral part in shaping our magazine for the better.” — Tara, WORDLY Magazine Editor-in-Chief