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  • Official media representative at CMC Awards 2018, St Kilda Fest 2017 and Deni Ute Muster 2016.
  • My photo of Jon Stevens was featured on The Morning Show in July 2017
  • My Adam Lambert [PHOTOS]\[PHOTOS] received over 4000+ views within the first 24 hours of posting. Including numerous likes and retweets on Twitter.
  • My Adam Lambert [REVIEW] received much praise, likes and retweets

Concert Log:


  • Tamworth Country Music Festival (24-26/Jan)
  • Phil Collins (1/Feb)
  • Whittlesea Country Music Festival (09/Feb)
  • Travis Collins (09/Feb)
  • 5ive, S Club 3 and Big Brovaz (12/Feb)
  • Gary Pinto (/Feb)
  • Hanson (/) and (/)
  • Adam Brand (/) and (/)
  • The Wolfe Brothers (/) and (/)


  • Whittlesea Country Music Festival (10/Feb)
  • Country Rocks Bella Vista (3/Mar)
  • The Red Hot Summer Tour – Mornington (10/Mar)
  • Billy Ray Cyrus (22/Mar)
  • Nothing Compares 2 Prince (29/Apr)
  • Adam Brand (11/May)
  • Troy Kemp and The Viper Creek Band (25/May)
  • Lee Kernaghan (31/May), (8/Jun) and (10/Jun)
  • Jon Stevens (9/Jun)
  • Beyond The Barricade (16/Jun)
  • Granger Smith (26/Jul)
  • Irish Celtic (1/Aug) [WRITE UP]
  • The Wolfe Brothers (3/Aug) and (15/Sep)
  • Adam Brand (25/Aug)
  • Brook Chivell, Nat Pearson and Harry Hookey (13/Oct)
  • Adam Brand (16/Nov), (17/Nov) and (18/Nov)
  • Bon Jovi (1/Dec)
  • The Wolfe Brothers (12/Dec)


  • Legends in Concert (18/Jan) [WRITE UP]
  • B*Witched (/Feb) [WRITE UP]
  • St Kilda Fest (12/Feb) [WRITE UP]
  • Adam Brand (20/Apr), (22/Apr) and (28/Apr) [WRITE UP]
  • Lee Kernaghan (3/May) [WRITE UP]
  • Harrison Craig (5/May) [WRITE UP]
  • The Choirboys (7/May) [PHOTOS]
  • Hanson (18/June) [PHOTOS]
  • Travis Collins (24/June)
  • Jon Stevens (14/July) [REVIEW][PHOTOS]
  • Adam Harvey and Beccy Cole (28/July) [PHOTOS]
  • Shane Nicholson (4/Aug) [REVIEW]
  • Damien Leith (16/Aug) [WRITE UP]
  • Simply Bushed (9/Sep)
  • First Annual Australian Americana Music Honours Night (2/Oct) [WRITE UP]
  • Casey Donovan (5/Oct) [REVIEW]
  • Live, Lifehouse & The Calling (17/Nov)
  • Lee Kernaghan (18/Nov)
  • Damien Leith (23/Dec)





2011: Bob Dylan (21/Apr)
2009: Adam Brand (2/Feb), CMC Rocks The Snowys (/Mar), Taylor Swift (11/Mar), Travis Collins & Liam Brew (13/Sep), Leo Sayer (10/Oct), MIKA (24/Nov) and Travis Collins (24/Dec)
2008: David Campbell (26/Mar)
2007: Thirsty Merc (9/Aug), Josh Groban (28/Sep) and Josh Groban (9/Oct)
2005: Hanson (6/Jun)
2004: The Eagles (17/Nov)
2002: Human Nature (12/Mar) and Rumba (8/Dec)
2000: Human Nature (13/Apr)


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