UntitledTinsel and TapShoes (we like to call it TaTS because it sounds so badass) is a blog written by three Melbourian friends started in January 2015, dedicated to all things entertainment. Tinsel stands for Tinseltown – so think movies, TV, celebrities etc. Tap Shoes refers to all things music and theatre related. And and, well that stands for everything else in-between. The name is also a nod to the amazing Edwin McCain.

Within the first couple of days of its opening, TaTS already had a total of 112 subscribers.


Cry Little Sister was created on Australia Day in 2012. Focused predominately on fashion, it has since evolved into a fashion and lifestyle blog with focus on events, writing and interviews.

CLS has been visited by over 100,000.
Its highest monthly views at just over 18,000.

I have worked with such brands as boohoo (UK), Lime Ricki (US) and The Perfume Clearance Centre (AU).

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