TESTIMONIALS from those I’ve interviewed, worked with or had dealings with.

“So lovely and a little bit cheeky. My latest interview with her felt like I was chatting with an old friend.”
Lachlan Martin, Strictly Ballroom, the musical (Interviewed April 3rd, 2015)

“Mallory’s joie de vivre melts the façade of the bullshit artiste.”
Damian Cowell, musician (Interviewed March 23, 2015)

“You’ve been a lot of fun to talk to! I can tell you – there’s a lot of boring interviews out there and you’re definitely not one of them!”
Adam Brand, 12 time Golden-Guitar Award-Winner (taken from Interview March 20th, 2015)

“In my dealings with Mallory I have found her to be a person of integrity who is willing to go the extra mile to get a job done.”
Rob Heyes, musician

“Mallory is an enthusiastic music and entertainment writer, always willing to lend an ear and explore a new artist or proposition. She is a pleasure to work with, passionate and original, and we place great value on our relationship with Mallory as a writer/reviewer.”
—  Nicole Hart, Revolutions Per Minute



TWEETS I thought were appropriate to post here.


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